ZEsarUX.app aszmic sp rom hires test load binary h 6600 after reset scaled 45pc Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 2.14.06 pm

Screen dump after loading binary to $6600 and typing “this is a test of aszmic sp rom”

SP ROM programs can also be run in ZX ASZMIC debug mode Uncomment the –romfile option in the ZEsarUX Emulator config file to enable ASZMIC E07 ROM

$ pico ~/.zesaruxrc
--machine ZX81
--romfile alternaterom_aszmice07.rom
# Select custom ROM file

Leave other config file options (see post below for full config file) as they are.

A .zip file for the above example containing the .asm source with accompanying .lis listing file as well as a .bin object file is available here.

This is based on the example program in the ASZMIC SP ROM Manual pp16-17.

Launch ZEsarUX Emulator app and type

F5->Debugging->Load Binary Block (F5 e o for manual shortcut keys)

Select zx-aszmic-sp-rom-hires-test.bin


0 (for all)

This will load the .bin file as a binary file at 16384 ($4000) in the ZX ASZMIC memory map


H :6600

to run Type  “this is a test of aszmic sp rom” to see text appear on the screen Press Shift-A to exit