Cybernoid Disassembly scaled 45pc Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 6.33.22 pm

As requested by the co-developer of Cybernoid Raffaele Cecco in the following link

Here is a disassembly of Cybernoid for zasm assembler which will assemble to a .tap file

(.zip file updated 2015-01-01)

The above disassembly is at the stage where the game code has been loaded and all the copy protection and byte shifting etc. has been run. The unshifted code with all the copy protection intact can be found in the archive folder in the .zip file

There are also some BBEdit Applescripts in the archive folder that I use to convert the Hex Dump and Disassembler output from ZX Preview (also here) into source code that can be assembled in zasm as well as a hex dump perl script that I use to ensure that the disassembled source has not introduced errors into the .tap file compared to the original hex dump code.

zasm assembler is available here