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audio-slicer-quicktime v0.4.1

audio-slicer-quicktime v0.4 link

Takes an audio file (e.g. .mp4, .mp3, .aiff) and slices it up into a series of smaller audio files that are then (optionally) opened in iTunes

audio-slicer-quicktime v0.4 source Xcode project link

zasm-cocoa 0.2 link

Cocoa wrapper app for zasm Z80 Assembler. Uses zasm 3.1.14 and UKSyntaxColouredText v0.2

Fuse ZX Spectrum Emulator for Mac OS X link

zasm-cocoa 0.2 source code Xcode project link

chopper 2 screenplay excerpt

Unofficial version of the tale of Cowboy Johnny excerpt from the screenplay for Chopper 2: How to Shoot Friends and Influence People

petrol station parable

a deconstruction of a rather straightforward business proposition that turns into anything but…

some nights a guy just can’t get a break - except possibly his legs

zabriskie found himself

some nights a guy just can’t get a break – except possibly his legs

“The price one pays for pursuing any profession or calling is an intimate knowledge of its ugly side.” – James Baldwin

a true story from the lower reaches of the teaching profession

the food technician who stole christmas

a recollection of a party gathering on christmas day

A Fax from the Muses Cover

A Fax from the Muses Cover

Update 02/12/2015:

Now available on the iBook Store and iTunes Music Store

a fax from the muses – collected poems 1993-2004